Denon Replacement Parts

Model Number

Poa-s1 - Audiophile Monoblock Power Amplifier

Parts List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
Screw4744317026Denon 4X20 Hshb-auNo
4713414028Denon 4X35 Cbs(b)No
Plug2062114000Denon Ac Plug CordNo
Panel1059232200Denon Back PanelNo
Plate1059233238Denon Back PlateNo
Plate1059233131Denon Back PlateNo
Cover,Cap1059234208Denon Bottom CoverNo
Cover,Cap1059234101Denon Bottom CoverNo
Knob, Dial, Button1139273008Denon Button(power)assyNo
1U-2631DDenon Cascade UnitShips in 6 days
2544347706Denon Ce04w1h100m ArsaNo
2544461705Denon Ce04w1h102m ArsNo
2544347722Denon Ce04w1h220mc ArsaNo
2544445734Denon Ce04w1h221m ArsgNo
2543060741Denon Ce04w1h221mbpc(awf)No
2544457719Denon Ce04w1h222m ArsgNo
2544347764Denon Ce04w1h470m ArsaNo
2544432721Denon Ce04w1h471m AreNo
2544290073Denon Ce04w1k102m AwfNo
2546176001Denon Ce37w1h202mNo
2546175002Denon Ce37w1j303mNo
2561055712Denon Cf93b2a224k GugNo
Condensor1449181000Denon Condenser PlateNo
2556175063Denon Cq09s2b221kf(b)No
2556175047Denon Cq09s2b271kf(b)No
2556167013Denon Cq09s2b682k(b)No
Cushion5039245006Denon Cushion(top)No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760370900Denon D,1ss106No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760566002Denon D,d1nk20No
2760347001Denon D,hz12la-1No
2760392001Denon D,hz15l-1No
2760256037Denon D,hz16l-1No
2760498905Denon D,hz24l-1No
2760185933Denon D,hz4b-1No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760185030Denon D,hz4b-1No
9L2331811MDenon D,hz7a-1No
Panel1449175003Denon F/panel(poas1e1)No
Panel1449178000Denon F/panel(poas1e1)sideNo
Leg, Foot, Caster1040275001Denon Foot Base(cu)No
Holder2020014003Denon Fuse Holder(h0446)No
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker2061061002Denon Fuse(2.0a)a Tsc 250VNo
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker2061035009Denon Fuse(3.15a)t MiniNo
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker2061061057Denon Fuse(6.3a)a Tsc 250VNo
IC2630299001Denon I,njm78m24aNo
1U-2630DDenon Input/bal UnitShips in 6 days
2116097002Denon K10qb102No
Knob, Dial, Button1129099001Denon Knob AssyNo
1441161031Denon Led RingNo
3939523901Denon Led(sel4214s)No
3939523914Denon Led(sel4414e)No
3939523927Denon Led(sel4814a)No
1U-2632DDenon Power Amp UnitShips in 6 days
1U-2633DDenon Ps/cont UnitShips in 6 days
Circuit Board4430900116Denon Pwb SupportNo
2710273002Denon Q,2sa1232-r/q/pNo
2710130006Denon Q,2sa1494lb-g/zNo
2720136003Denon Q,2sb1382No
2730253918Denon Q,2sc2878-a/bNo
2730424006Denon Q,2sc3012-r/q/pNo
2730425005Denon Q,2sc3858lb-g/zNo
2740172005Denon Q,2sd2082No
2750079004Denon Q,2sj217No
2750058009Denon Q,2sj40-c/dNo
Transistor2750068002Denon Q,2sj78No
2750078005Denon Q,2sk1297No
2750077006Denon Q,2sk1382No
Transistor2750069001Denon Q,2sk215No
Plate1449183118Denon Radiator Plate(side)No
Plate1449182009Denon Radiator Plate(top)No
Plate1330154007Denon Rating Plate(poas1)No
2412453081Denon Rd05a2h100j RfaNo
2412456020Denon Rd05a2h101j RfaNo
2412458060Denon Rd05a2h102j RfaNo
2412438080Denon Rd05a2h103j RmgNo
2412448067Denon Rd05a2h104j RmgNo
2412456059Denon Rd05a2h131j RfaNo
2412442063Denon Rd05a2h131j RmgNo
2412456088Denon Rd05a2h181j RfaNo
2412457003Denon Rd05a2h221j RfaNo
2412457029Denon Rd05a2h271j RfaNo
2412438035Denon Rd05a2h272j RmgNo
2412447042Denon Rd05a2h333j RmgNo
2412447055Denon Rd05a2h363j RmgNo
2412455021Denon Rd05a2h390j RfaNo
2412447068Denon Rd05a2h393j RmgNo
2412457074Denon Rd05a2h431j RfaNo
2412455047Denon Rd05a2h470j RfaNo
2412457087Denon Rd05a2h471j RfaNo
2412447084Denon Rd05a2h473j RmgNo
2412458002Denon Rd05a2h561j RfaNo
2412448009Denon Rd05a2h563j RmgNo
2412444003Denon Rd05a2h681j RmgNo
2412438077Denon Rd05a2h682j RmgNo
2412456004Denon Rd05a2h820j RfaNo
2412458044Denon Rd05a2h821j RfaNo
2412428003Denon Rd14b2e224j PsnbNo
2412428045Denon Rd14b2e334j PsnbNo
2412424049Denon Rd14b2e682j PsnbNo
2442059015Denon Rd14b3d101jnbf RsfnNo
Plate1449183105Denon Rdiator Plate(side)No
Panel1059232404Denon Rear PanelNo
2140041008Denon Relay(ar3422)No
Relay2140127003Denon Relay(ry-12w)No
Relay2140169003Denon Relay(tv-15)No
Switch2120350007Denon Rotary SwitchNo
2442058058Denon Rs14b3a202jnbs RsfsvNo
2440045005Denon Rs14b3a222jnbNo
2440045021Denon Rs14b3a222jnbfNo
2442059028Denon Rs14b3d102jnbf RsfnNo
2442059044Denon Rs14b3d330jnb RsfnNo
Triac, Diode or Resistor2432091009Denon Rw78a4a330k=(ul)No
Cover,Cap1449180302Denon Side CoverNo
Cover,Cap1449180205Denon Side CoverNo
1449174101Denon Side EscNo
Plate1029041201Denon Top PlateNo
Plate1029041104Denon Top PlateNo
Cover,Cap1029040202Denon Trans CoverNo
Plate1449179009Denon Trans Plate(top)No
Switch2129569006Denon Voltage Set SwitchNo

About Denon

Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.