Denon Replacement Parts

Model Number

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
4712804008Denon 2X10 CpsNo
Switch2129223009Denon 3P Push SwNo
Knob, Dial, Button1138181007Denon Button(b)No
Knob, Dial, Button1138175204Denon Button(control)ass'yNo
Knob, Dial, Button4318102007Denon Button(eject)ass'yNo
4338270304Denon Cassette Box(b)No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760185056Denon D,hz4c-3No
2760236060Denon D,hz5c-2No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760051083Denon D,hz7c-3No
Panel1038247119Denon F/panel(drm9)ass'yNo
3934013005Denon Fl Meter(fip24a)assyNo
1038245001Denon Front Esc Ass'yNo
1038245111Denon Front Esc Ass'yNo
Plate4318106003Denon Head Plate Ass'yNo
Hook4338269302Denon HookNo
IC2620523004Denon I,ba668No
IC2620443003Denon I,hd74ls15pNo
IC2630309001Denon I,tea0652No
2358005001Denon InductorNo
Knob, Dial, Button1128113108Denon Knob(vol)bNo
4118339300Denon Mecha Base Ass'yNo
1438041009Denon Meter WindowNo
Filter2328043006Denon Mpx FilterNo
Lever4318101008Denon Power Sw Lever Ass'yNo
2462011091Denon Rk99=2b473mp3No
2462018010Denon Rk99=2b473mp6No
2118076005Denon V1620v15ka103No
Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.