Denon Replacement Parts

Model Number

Am/fm Stereo Receiver

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
2630439007Denon #Ic705No
Terminal2050433010Denon Antenna TerminalNo
Capacitor2590007003Denon C844No
Denon D521No
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker2061046001Denon F801No
Denon Fm AntennaNo
Adaptor, Chargers9630052704
Denon Fm Antenna AdaptorNo
2620874009Denon Ic502 Ic501No
IC2630571004Denon Ic709Ships in 6 days
IC2680072906Denon Ic801 Ic802No
IC2630423000Denon Ic808No
IC2621467004Denon Ic901No
Jack2048386001Denon Per Amp JacksNo
Triac, Diode or Resistor2412376922Denon R523 R524 R525 R526No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2412380918Denon R527 R528No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2412377921Denon R529 R530No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2412371930Denon R533No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2412378904Denon R549; R5495 R550 Same PartNo
Triac, Diode or Resistor2442043982
Denon R561 R562 R563 R564 R565 R56No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2442052960Denon R665 R666 R667 R668No
Jack2048266008Denon Rca Jack Assy 4P (Tape 1 Pb/No
Jack2048278009Denon Rca Jack Assy 6P (Phono InpuNo
Terminal2050497001Denon Speaker Terminal (8 Pin)No
Transformer2312072009Denon T707No
2750055015Denon Tr501 Tr502 Tr503 Tr504No
2710131005Denon Tr509 Tr510 Tr511 Tr512 Tr5No
2730198905Denon Tr517; Tr518No
Transistor2720107906Denon Tr521; Tr522 2Sb1328(p)No
Transistor2730389002Denon Tr527No
Transistor2710240006Denon Tr529No
Transformer2690066902Denon Tr709,710No
2690114906Denon Tr711No
Transistor2690088906Denon Tr712No
9400248007Denon Tr713No
IC2690054901Denon Tr719No
3990261901Denon Xl901No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760467910Denon Zd801No
Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.