DPS1 Dp-s1 - Cd Transport
Denon Replacement Parts
Model Number
Dp-s1 - Cd Transport
CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
Remote Control2690140006Denon 1261Aac TransmitterNo
2690141005Denon 1361Aac ReceiverNo
2030549005Denon 1P Pin CordNo
Jack2049801006Denon 1P Pin JackNo
4713201011Denon 2.6X4 Cbs-zNo
2050768002Denon 2P Vh Conn BaseNo
2050825000Denon 3P Ac Conn BaseNo
2050277030Denon 3P Eh Conn Base(rd)No
4713304028Denon 3X8 Cbs-bNo
4719038107Denon 4X10 Hsfh-auNo
4719038000Denon 4X10 Hsfh-auNo
2050343058Denon 5P Conne Base(kr-phNo
2050343061Denon 6P Conn Base(kr-ph)No
2050355062Denon 6P Kr Con Base(l)No
2062035008Denon Ac Cord( )No
Gear, Wheel4240204002Denon Arm GearNo
Guide4210679007Denon Arm Gear GuideNo
4240212007Denon Arm Gear(1)No
1051091203Denon Back PanelNo
1442318003Denon Back PlateNo
Connector2050842009Denon Bnc ConnectorNo
2031631019Denon Bnc ConnectorNo
1131620002Denon Button(d10)No
1131622000Denon Button(d8)No
2543056959Denon Ce04d1h100mbp SmeNo
2544356771Denon Ce04w1h332mc ArsNo
2531179945Denon Ck45b1h221k(dd3)tNo
2554235976Denon Cq93p2a153j NhNo
2760482908Denon D,hzs27-1No
3U-2417Denon Display UnitShips in 10 days
1020539107Denon DoorNo
GEN2457Denon Door Motor AssyShips in 10 days
4690041006Denon Door PackingNo
Spring4630760004Denon Door SpringNo
GEN2481Denon F/panel(dp-s1)assyShips in 10 days
1442305207Denon F/panel(dps1)No
Clamp3420016008Denon Ferrite ClampNo
Gear, Wheel4240205001Denon GearNo
Guide4210680009Denon Gear GuideNo
4411540003Denon Gear Plata(1)assyNo
4411542205Denon Gear Plate(2)No
4240211008Denon Gear(1)No
IC2620842002Denon I,cxa1081sNo
IC2621305001Denon I,cxa1372sNo
2621831119Denon I,hd6473724s2fNo
IC2630424902Denon I,m5218fpNo
2630810008Denon I,njm7808fa(s)Ships in 10 days
IC2630554005Denon I,njm7905faShips in 10 days
2630641002Denon I,njm7912faNo
2620933005Denon I,sn75158pNo
5020822001Denon Inner Carton(dps1)No
Belt, Pulley4210673003Denon Motor PulleyNo
2170158000Denon Motor(mmn6e6rc8p)No
4210671018Denon PinNo
4210671005Denon PinNo
3U-2418ADenon Power UnitShips in 10 days
Gear, Wheel4240209007Denon Pulley GearNo
4240210009Denon Pulley Gear 1No
2318063009Denon Pulse TransNo
2710101022Denon Q,2sa933-qNo
1330142006Denon Rating PlateNo
Remote Control1012493002Denon Remocon CaseNo
3U-2415Denon Servo UintShips in 10 days
1442312106Denon Side Esc(l)assyNo
1442314104Denon Side Esc(r)No
1012494001Denon Stabi CaseNo
4210664009Denon Stabilizer AssyNo
Knob, Dial, Button4210665202Denon Stabilizer KnobNo
Knob, Dial, Button4210665105Denon Stabilizer KnobNo
GEN2559Denon Stabilizer Sub AssyShips in 10 days
4210666104Denon Stabilizer YokeNo
1442315103Denon Top EscNo
1442304208Denon Top PlateNo
2116064006Denon V06pb103 V6ek-pv1sNo
2116077912Denon V06pb203 V6ek-pv1sNo
2116064051Denon V06pb203 V6ek-pv3-1sNo
4770224031Denon Washer(9x4.2x0.5t)bkNo
1430848200Denon WindowNo
1430848103Denon WindowNo
1430848006Denon WindowNo
3990036013Denon X,tal(16.9344mhz)No
2034926006Denon Xlr-3-32-a176No
Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.