DNM1050R Dn-m1050r - Professional Minidisc Recorder
Denon Replacement Parts
Model Number
Dn-m1050r - Professional Minidisc Recorder
CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
ScrewS762785208Denon 1.7X2.5 ScrewNo
Base2050736076Denon 15P Ffc Con BaseNo
Connector2050712090Denon 15P Tbg-s ConnectorNo
Base2050995901Denon 18P Ffc Conn BaseNo
S157246761Denon 1P Push SwNo
S768586009Denon 2.6X4 ?No
ScrewS762177395Denon 2.6X6 ?No
S768586209Denon 2.6X6 ?No
S493313401Denon 2.6X6 ? ScrewNo
Base2050892046Denon 24P Ffc BaseNo
2050618110Denon 25P Dsub SktNo
2050736089Denon 25P Ffc Conn BaseNo
2048557005Denon 2P Pin Jack(dig)No
S176214811Denon 2P Push SwNo
S768585004Denon 2X3 ?No
ScrewS762125520Denon 2X4 ?No
Base2050995914Denon 30P Ffc Conn BaseNo
2050488036Denon 32P Ic SocketNo
Base2050770058Denon 33P Ffc BaseNo
Base2050736005Denon 33P Ffc BaseNo
2050955006Denon 3P Cannon ConnectorNo
2050956005Denon 3P Cannon ConnectorNo
2051047007Denon 3P Cannon(in)No
2051046008Denon 3P Cannon(out)No
S768586004Denon 3X4 ?No
S768587101Denon 3X6 ?No
2048507013Denon 4P Pin JackNo
ConnectorS156894411Denon 6P ConnectorNo
2050922000Denon 9P D-sub Pin-fNo
2062071004Denon Ac Cord SetNo
S497777701Denon Base(bd)No
S141423411Denon Bead InductorNo
S116423211Denon C,c 0.01U 50V 10%No
5058092007Denon Cabi Cover(700x600No
SX49450691Denon Cam AssyNo
S116461111Denon Cc73==2h102No
S116322711Denon Cc73ch1h100 ?No
S116325111Denon Cc73ch1h101 ?No
S116327511Denon Cc73ch1h102j ?No
S110460111Denon Ce77=1a100 BpNo
S112639511Denon Ce77=1c220 SreNo
S110783611Denon Ce77==220No
S110768211Denon Chip 1C105 ?No
S110782311Denon Chip 1C474 ?No
S110476011Denon Chip 47000PNo
S116400411Denon Ck73b1e104 ?No
S116301700Denon Ck73b1h472k ?No
S116301900Denon Ck73b1h682k ?No
S116434611Denon Ck73f1c105 ?No
S496766405Denon Coil SpringNo
S498209901Denon Coil SpringNo
S497071001Denon Coil SpringNo
S497174302Denon Coil SpringNo
S498310602Denon Coil Spring(lm)No
S498442601Denon Coil Spring(slm)No
S498310001Denon CollarNo
4458028009Denon Cord Holder( )No
S110491311Denon Cs77=1a100 ?No
S110491611Denon Cs77=20v 684 ?No
3990359907Denon Csa10.0mtz040,tf01No
3990154005Denon Csa6.0mgNo
Cushion5031240009Denon CushionNo
S498311001Denon Cushion(lvo)No
9400089004Denon D,1sr139-200t62No
2760625901Denon D,hvu17trfNo
Diode2760438910Denon D,ma151aNo
2760438907Denon D,ma151wa(tape)No
Diode2760405008Denon D,s1wb(a)10No
2760338007Denon D,s4vb20fNo
4210721007Denon D.l Bracket Ass'yNo
GU-3025Denon Display/key Pwb UnitShips in 10 days
S496765701Denon Door LeverNo
4330624000Denon Door LeverNo
FilterS123331621Denon Emi FilterNo
Filter2350086002Denon Emi FilterNo
5050038030Denon Envelope(230x340)No
2061053007Denon Fuse(1.0at)miniNo
S497760901Denon Gear(bd-a)No
S497761001Denon Gear(bd-b)No
2048264000Denon Headphone Jack(au)No
SX49471362Denon Holder AssyNo
2622158901Denon I,ak5340-vs-e1No
2630615902Denon I,ba15218f-dxe2No
2630934900Denon I,ba4510fNo
2630994908Denon I,ba6287fNo
2622365008Denon I,cat28f010p-09No
S875237879Denon I,cxd2535crNo
2622360003Denon I,cxd2536crNo
2622357003Denon I,hd64f3048f16No
2621881907Denon I,hd74ac74fp-elNo
2621643909Denon I,hd74hc153fp-el(tapNo
2621665903Denon I,hd74hc74fp-elNo
2622358905Denon I,hm62256blfp-8No
2622305903Denon I,mn414400csj-07No
S875944280Denon I,mpc17a38zvmelNo
2622394008Denon I,mx28f2000ppc-90No
IC2630800005Denon I,njm78m05fa(s)No
2630842005Denon I,njm79m05fa(s)No
IC2630539004Denon I,njm79m12faShips in 10 days
GEN4715Denon I,p Rom SystemShips in 10 days
GEN4714Denon I,p Rom SystemShips in 10 days
GEN4631Denon I,p-rom(vre,4631)Ships in 10 days
2621356908Denon I,pc74hc4046atrNo
IC2621409004Denon I,pcm61pNo
GEN4713Denon I,rom(ver,4713)Ships in 10 days
2622363903Denon I,s-240c04afjNo
IC2621765900Denon I,sm5841bsNo
2622361905Denon I,tc74ac163fpNo
2622362904Denon I,tc74act153fpNo
2621637902Denon I,tc74hc139afNo
IC2621205907Denon I,tc74hcu04afNo
IC2621738908Denon I,tc7su04fNo
2622391904Denon I,tc7w32fNo
2622019901Denon I,tc7w74fNo
2621953903Denon I,tc7wu04fNo
2620874009Denon I,tlp521-1blNo
2621674907Denon I,tmp82c51am-10No
2622114903Denon I,upd4721gs-gjgNo
S141203951Denon Inductor(100uh)No
S141262251Denon Inductor(10uh)No
S141098051Denon Inductor(1mh)No
1130753006Denon Knob(slide)No
1120555007Denon Knob(vol)bNo
SA4672542ADenon Laser P/u; Per Denon 010699No
3938025002Denon Lcd(bj558)No
3939571908Denon Led(tlgu1002)gnNo
3939571911Denon Led(tlou1002)orgNo
3939570909Denon Led(tlr1002)redNo
2350107923Denon Lem4532t1r2mNo
2350107910Denon Lem4532tr68mNo
S497940001Denon Lever(door)No
S496764101Denon Lever(l)No
S496763901Denon Lever(lm)No
S498204001Denon Lever(lock)No
S496827201Denon Lever(owh)No
S496763701Denon Lever(slm)No
S496768811Denon Magnet(y)No
GU3000Denon Main Pwb UnitShips in 10 days
S165341211Denon Motor PwbNo
4124087002Denon Mounting EarNo
S150030421Denon O/r Head(rf322-74a)No
GEN4616Denon P Rom SubShips in 10 days
S497760801Denon Pilley(bd)No
4790003025Denon Push RivetNo
S176214911Denon Push SwitchNo
2720083004Denon Q,2sb1185-e/fNo
S872902881Denon Q,dta123juaNo
2690119901Denon Q,dta124ekNo
S872902891Denon Q,dta144euaNo
S872902914Denon Q,dtc144euaNo
2690085909Denon Q,dtc144tkNo
S872901397Denon Q,rn1304No
S872901420Denon Q,rn2304No
4737004003Denon Rack Mounting Bracket ScrewsNo
2412397008Denon Rd14b2e221j(5)Ships in 10 days
S121629500Denon Rm73=1/10 0R0j ?No
S121602500Denon Rm73=1/10 101J ?No
S121604900Denon Rm73=1/10 102J ?No
S121607300Denon Rm73=1/10 103J ?No
S121609700Denon Rm73=1/10 104J ?No
S121605300Denon Rm73=1/10 152 ?No
S121607700Denon Rm73=1/10 153J ?No
S121605700Denon Rm73=1/10 222 ?No
S121612900Denon Rm73=1/10 225 ?No
S121603700Denon Rm73=1/10 331J ?No
S121606100Denon Rm73=1/10 332J ?No
S121613300Denon Rm73=1/10 335 ?No
S121601700Denon Rm73=1/10 470J ?No
S121604100Denon Rm73=1/10 471J ?No
S121606500Denon Rm73=1/10 472J ?No
S121608900Denon Rm73=1/10 473JNo
S121611300Denon Rm73=1/10 474 ?No
S121604500Denon Rm73=1/10 681J ?No
S122026211Denon Rm73=2e 681 ?No
S122025011Denon Rm73=2h 100 ?No
2470007958Denon Rm73b--112j ?No
Denon 2120387009
Denon Rotary Encoder-jogNo
2442052902Denon Rs14b3a272jnbst(s)Ships in 10 days
1120526418Denon Select Knob(a)No
S124139611Denon Semi Fix Vr(metal)No
S165341111Denon Sensor Sw PwbNo
2121165000Denon Slide Sw(1-2)No
2121142007Denon Slide Sw(spuj19)No
SX49458721Denon Slider(m)assyNo
S499172701Denon Stopper(sld)No
GEN4105Denon System Rom Sub Ass'yShips in 10 days
GEN4104Denon System Rom Sub AssyShips in 10 days
S496766801Denon Torsion Coil SpringNo
S496764201Denon Torsion Spring(l)No
S496827301Denon Torsion Spring(owh)No
S496767001Denon Torsion Spring(udr)No
2116132983Denon V06pb104 Rh0638cNo
2110879006Denon V0920b17fa202kNo
2110878007Denon V11b17fa503kNo
3990239904Denon X,tal(45.1584mhz)No
Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.