DN961FA Dn-961fa - Compact Disc Player
Denon Replacement Parts
Model Number
Dn-961fa - Compact Disc Player
CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
90051001Denon 12P. FfcShips in 10 days
4240135003Denon 20 Worm Gear Assembly- Sled MNo
90079009Denon 21P FfcShips in 10 days
Cover2050594027Denon 25P Connector CoverNo
2050488010Denon 28P Ic Socket Ic011No
Screw4744003013Denon 2E RingNo
4761003009Denon 3E RingNo
2062059000Denon 3P Ac Cord SetNo
SPK0199Denon 961 T/table KitShips in 10 days
2033935001Denon Ac InletNo
4610778003Denon Arm CushionNo
GU-2585Denon Audio/display UnitShips in 10 days
GU-2508Denon Audio/display Unit - InclShips in 10 days
4250186013Denon Ball BearingNo
4431224118Denon Base BoardNo
Cover1051071003Denon Bottom CoverNo
Capacitor2570014935Denon C002, C006, C010, C016, CNo
Capacitor2570009940Denon C003No
Capacitor2570003988Denon C004, C024No
Capacitor2570010900Denon C007, C009, C024, C033, CNo
2570006943Denon C011No
Capacitor2561035910Denon C020No
2544260977Denon C023No
2570003991Denon C027No
2544254938Denon C028No
Capacitor2570004961Denon C032No
2544260922Denon C039No
Capacitor2570002963Denon C042No
Capacitor2544256949Denon C051, C052, C063, C064, CNo
2570012966Denon C065, C066No
2544305968Denon C078Ships in 10 days
Capacitor2544254941Denon C086, C087No
2544252930Denon C103, C105, C115, C116No
Capacitor2544258798Denon C107, C108No
Capacitor2538014003Denon C121No
Screw4719013012Denon Camera Screw 1.7 X 6No
FG961Denon Cd/mecha(fg961)No
4330581208Denon Clamp ArmNo
4210676107Denon ClamperNo
4210675108Denon Clamper (A)No
4122256204Denon Clamper PlateNo
4431236009Denon Clamper ShaftNo
Spring4630734001Denon Clamper SpringNo
2050781034Denon Cn002, Cn004 3P ConnNo
2050618000Denon Cn006 9P Dsub SocketNo
2050668047Denon Cn013 21P Ffc Conn BaseNo
2050702039Denon Cn013, Cn017 21P Ffc ConnNo
2050269077Denon Cn017 21P Ffc Conn BaseNo
2050683006Denon Cn018 Ffc Conn. Base 12PNo
GP38003031Denon Cn019 7P Conn BaseNo
2050375026Denon Cn022 12P Conn Base (Kr-No
2050343061Denon Cn024 6P Conn BaseNo
4458028009Denon Cord HolderNo
4450067013Denon Cord KeepNo
2040168081Denon Cw024 6P Kr-ds Conn CordNo
Diode2760438910Denon D001, D003, D102, D103No
2760438907Denon D012, D025, D028, D053, DNo
Diode2760605002Denon D101No
Diode2760405008Denon D104No
5150626009Denon Dai Warranty Com.No
4310333201Denon Disc TrayNo
4310341002Denon Eject CollarNo
4310341109Denon Eject CollarNo
1131583000Denon Eject KnobNo
4310334006Denon Eject RodNo
4630733109Denon Eject Rod SpringNo
4310335005Denon Eject ShaftNo
Spring4630614008Denon Eject SpringNo
5058006006Denon EnvelopeNo
4123613202Denon F. Frame AssyNo
1031590300Denon Front Panel Assy Incl TopNo
2061039034Denon Fuse 1ANo
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker2061015045Denon Fuse 31Ma/250vNo
4122626009Denon Gear StopperNo
4431246002Denon Guide StandNo
2680053019Denon H1,2 Hw-101c(q)No
4240138000Denon Helical GearNo
4610776005Denon Himeron SheetNo
IC2621870905Denon I,hm514256ajp-10No
GEN3441Denon I,p-rom(3441)Ships in 10 days
IC2621342006Denon Ic001 Ic Cxa1372qNo
2630615902Denon Ic001, Ic003 Ba15218fNo
IC2621819005Denon Ic002 Cxd2500aqNo
IC2630360008Denon Ic002, Ic004 Ne5532No
IC2630805000Denon Ic003 Ba6296fp-t1No
2630198005Denon Ic005 Njm4556dNo
2621344907Denon Ic006 Sn74ls624nsr TapeNo
IC2621205907Denon Ic007 Tc7c74hcu04af Tp1No
2622153003Denon Ic008 Upd6381fgNo
IC2621721902Denon Ic012 Tc74hc573af Tp1No
IC2621343908Denon Ic013 Sn74hc645nsr TapeNo
2621708909Denon Ic014 Tc74hc138af Tp1No
2621718902Denon Ic015 Tc74hc00af Tp1No
2621636903Denon Ic016, Ic017 Tc4gc32afNo
2621711909Denon Ic018 X24c00sNo
2621647905Denon Ic019 Mn1382-s TxNo
IC2621664904Denon Ic021 Cxd2554mtNo
IC2621409004Denon Ic023, Ic024 Pcm61p-lNo
2621597903Denon Ic027 M5m34051fp (Tape)No
IC2621709908Denon Ic030 Tc74hc245af Tp1No
IC2620945909Denon Ic031 Sn7438ns-rNo
2621707900Denon Ic032 Tc74hc574af Tp1No
IC2630411009Denon Ic1 Ta7256pNo
2680061001Denon Ic101 Si-3052vNo
IC2630432907Denon Ic102 Njm78l05atNo
2630507007Denon Ic103 Njm78m15faNo
IC2630508006Denon Ic104 Njm79m15faNo
2630567005Denon Ic105 Njm78m05faNo
IC2630501003Denon Ic106 Njm79m05faNo
2680078900Denon Ic107 Icp-n75tNo
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker2680076902Denon Ic108, Ic109No
2621710900Denon Ic204, Ic205No
SGK0060Denon Insert JigShips in 10 days
5112435005Denon Inst. Manual/own ManNo
2471018904Denon J2-4No
4122285107Denon Jack BracketNo
1031601008Denon Knob Frame (A)No
1031602007Denon Knob Frame (B)No
4630531000Denon Knob SpringNo
2124650004Denon Leaf Sw.No
Holder4431223203Denon Led HolderNo
1430834104Denon LensNo
4310332202Denon Loader FrameNo
1461439002Denon Loader PanelNo
4630597206Denon Loader SpringNo
Spring4630821008Denon Loader SpringNo
4490074024Denon Locking Card SpacerNo
4431219107Denon Mecha. Base AssyNo
4111198302Denon Mecha. ChassisNo
4210505032Denon Mini DamperNo
1461442109Denon Mirror SheetNo
Denon 4990191009
Denon Optical Pu (Kss-240a)No
2620874009Denon Pc001 Photo Coupler Tlp5No
4610457104Denon Plate SpringNo
2124695001Denon Power SwitchNo
2335992001Denon Power Trans. Eu Usa/canaNo
Knob, Dial, Button1131349105Denon Push KnobNo
4610558003Denon Pw CushionNo
4123614201Denon Pwb Bracket AssyNo
2470010987Denon R001No
2470009998Denon R001, R002, R021, R022No
2470012927Denon R002, R024, R032, R067, RNo
2470009927Denon R003, R023, R005, R025No
2470009943Denon R004, R024No
2470009985Denon R006, R008, R014, R029, RNo
2470010961Denon R009, R029No
2470010929Denon R011, R031No
2470011944Denon R012, R025, R027No
2470003949Denon R014, R015, R034, R035No
2470012943Denon R017No
2470011986Denon R018No
2470008931Denon R028No
2470006962Denon R034, R102No
2470009901Denon R037, R068, R069, R077, RNo
2470008960Denon R039No
2442051958Denon R047, R048No
2470008928Denon R047, R094, R101, R105No
2470005989Denon R048No
2470007945Denon R049, R052, R085, R087No
2470013984Denon R053, R056No
2470012998Denon R054, R057No
2470014967Denon R055, R058, R074, R083No
2470005905Denon R064Ships in 10 days
2470013900Denon R071No
2471002965Denon R10, R11No
2470005921Denon R103No
2470006920Denon R202, R204, R206, R208, RNo
4431234001Denon Rail ShaftNo
4330585107Denon Rail SliderNo
4330585204Denon Rail SliderNo
4330582100Denon Rail Slider (R)No
4330585301Denon Rail Slider(l)No
4123606109Denon Rail SupportNo
1051066128Denon Rear PanelNo
2140121009Denon Rl001 RelayNo
4431241104Denon Roller ShaftNo
GEN0105Denon Rotor AssyShips in 10 days
4210526008Denon Rotor BossNo
4610466001Denon Rubber SheetNo
2121105109Denon S001 Push Switch Play/pauNo
2121108009Denon S002 Push Switch Stdby/cuNo
2120289204Denon S003 Pulse/push SwitchNo
Screw4713801039Denon Screw 2 X 3No
Screw4713101014Denon Screw 2 X 4 CbsNo
Screw4712102014Denon Screw 2 X 5No
Screw4713104011Denon Screw 2 X 8No
4713802012Denon Screw 2.6 X 3No
Screw4713305014Denon Screw 3 X 10No
Screw4737002005Denon Screw 3 X 6No
Screw4712303017Denon Screw 3 X 6No
4712304058Denon Screw 3 X 8No
Screw4713410019Denon Screw 4 X 20No
1120592109Denon Select Knob (A)No
1120593108Denon Select Knob (B)No
4431364007Denon Sgk0075 Clamper JigNo
4430912007Denon Shaft HolderNo
4310224103Denon Slide Shaft (M)No
2140165007Denon SolenoidNo
4330584205Denon Solenoid LeverNo
4630604209Denon Solenoid SpringNo
4431220002Denon SpacerNo
4150422000Denon SpacerNo
4770010122Denon Special ScrewNo
4638231108Denon SpringNo
4210635106Denon Spring RollerNo
4330619002Denon Stop LeverNo
4431248107Denon Stopper RingNo
5050102089Denon Styrene PaperNo
4610398108Denon Sus RubberNo
4630596003Denon Sus SpringNo
4630448106Denon Sus SpringNo
4122773101Denon Switch PlateNo
2123335003Denon Switch UnitNo
SPK0198Denon T. Table Sub AssyShips in 10 days
Screw4737005031Denon Tapping Screw 3 X 16 (S)No
Denon 4737500015
Denon Tapping Screw 3 X 8 (P)In Stock
Screw4737002018Denon Tapping Screw 3 X 8 (S)No
4737015018Denon Tapping Screw 3 X 8 (S) BNo
Cover1051072138Denon Top CoverNo
Cover1051072112Denon Top CoverNo
2050355062Denon Tp001 6P Kr Conn Base (LNo
2050343058Denon Tp002 5P Conn BaseNo
2690048904Denon Tr001No
2690047905Denon Tr002 Transistor Dta143ekNo
2710260905Denon Tr003, Tr215, Tr221No
2690103904Denon Tr020, Tr021 Trans Dtc3No
2690091906Denon Tr201, Tr214No
9LCA00582RDenon Tr222, Tr224No
4630574009Denon Tray SpringNo
GEN0104Denon Turn TableNo
2116046095Denon Vr001, Vr002No
2110552006Denon Vr001, Vr002No
2116046024Denon Vr003, Vr004No
4770265061Denon WasherNo
4770092001Denon WasherNo
4751000009Denon WasherNo
4753208003Denon Washer(2twb)No
4751106042Denon Washer=No
3990179006Denon X001 Crystal OscillatorNo
3990141005Denon X002 Crystal OscillatorNo
3990036013Denon X003 Crystal OscillatorNo
Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.