Denon Replacement Parts

Model Number

D-c1 - Mini Hi-fi System

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
9H05000420Denon 188801505 Chassis AsNo
9H05000422Denon 188802306 Head BaseNo
Panel9H05000423Denon 188802501 H/panel(b)No
Roller9H05000440Denon 188804301 P/roller(fNo
Roller9H05000441Denon 188804302 P/roller(rNo
9H05000429Denon 188805301 T Reel(f)No
9H05000430Denon 188805302 T Reel(r)No
9H05000438Denon 188805501 T/g Arm(f)No
9H05000439Denon 188805502 T/g Arm(r)No
Clutch9H05000428Denon 188807305 Rf ClutchNo
9H05000442Denon 188809301 Fl Metal(fNo
9H05000443Denon 188809302 Fl Metal(rNo
Gear, Wheel9H05000445Denon 188809303 F/wheel(f)No
Gear, Wheel9H05000447Denon 188809304 F/wheel(r)No
Pump, Motor9H05000458Denon 188812305 Motor AssyNo
Bracket, Flange, Blade9480022007Denon 221192016 Fw BracketNo
Sensor, Thermistor, Thermostat9H05000473Denon 300701302 Sensor(b)No
Bracket, Flange, Blade9H05000470Denon 300701304 C/bkt AssyNo
Circuit Board9H05000471Denon 300701305 Con Pwb AsNo
Sensor, Thermistor, Thermostat9H05000472Denon 300701309 Sensor(a)No
Pump, Motor9H05000478Denon 300702302 E/motor AsNo
Coil9H05000474Denon 300702303 Coil AssyNo
Case9H05000476Denon 300702305 Case AssyNo
Sensor, Thermistor, Thermostat9H05000477Denon 300702306 E SensorNo
Gear, Wheel9H05000475Denon 300702505 G/chassisNo
Plate9H05000479Denon 300706301 L/plate AsNo
9H05000480Denon 300706304 D/base AssNo
Holder9H05000481Denon 300707307 Holder AssNo
Pump, Motor9H05000483Denon 300711301 L/motor AsNo
Plate9H05000484Denon 300711303 G/plate AsNo
Sensor, Thermistor, Thermostat9H05000485Denon 300711305 L/sensorNo
Gear, Wheel9H05000482Denon 300711501 Gear BktNo
9LEF01832Denon 8 Pin Ribbon Cable From Pg901Ships in 6 days
9LEF01821Denon 8 Pin Ribbon Cable From Pg902Ships in 6 days
Screw9H05000486Denon 9B0320041 2X4 C TappNo
Screw9H05000495Denon 9B1220041 2X4 P TappNo
Screw9H05000501Denon 9C0117301 ScrewNo
Screw9H05000497Denon 9C0320353 2X3.5No
Camera9H05000450Denon 9C0420603 2X6 CameraNo
Screw9H05000488Denon 9C2020301 2X3 Ts SgNo
9H05000459Denon 9C2520503 2X5 W/washNo
9H05000394Denon 9E0100202 S2.0e RingNo
9H05000489Denon 9E0100252 E/ring 2.5No
Screw9H05000425Denon 9F1316482 H/c ScrewNo
9H05000385Denon 9P0220051 2X5 TamsNo
Screw9H05000400Denon 9P0226041 2.6X4 TamsNo
Screw9D91800000Denon 9P0420041 2X4 C TapNo
9H05000431Denon 9P0420051 2X5 C TapNo
Screw9H05000487Denon 9P0420061 2X6 TappNo
Screw9H05000498Denon 9P0420081 2X8 TappNo
Screw9H05000499Denon 9P0426051 2.6X5 TappNo
Screw9H05000496Denon 9P0720061 2X6 P TappNo
Screw9H05000426Denon 9P1520063 2X6 ScrewNo
Screw9H05000490Denon 9P1720061 2X6 CupNo
Washer9H05000491Denon 9W0250080 Cut WasherNo
Washer9H05000492Denon 9W0250110 Cut WasherNo
Washer9H05000493Denon 9W0250130 Cut WasherNo
Washer9H05000448Denon 9W0520030 Hl WasherNo
Washer9H05000500Denon 9W0613010 Cut WasherNo
Washer9H05000427Denon 9W0640030 Hl WasherNo
Washer9H05000432Denon 9W0640040 Hl WasherNo
Washer9H05000433Denon 9W0650040 Hl WasherNo
Washer9H05000444Denon 9W0650050 Hl WasherNo
Washer9H05000446Denon 9W0650080 Hl WasherNo
Washer9H05000494Denon 9W0650220 Cut WasherNo
Antenna9L2759341Denon Am AntennaNo
Belt, Pulley9D18880929Denon Belt(main)No
Spring9D18880515Denon Bt SpringNo
9LPH01342Denon Cassette Lid Assy (CassShips in 6 days
9LUC00002Denon Cd Mech Changer AssyShips in 6 days
2544194933Denon Ce04w1e330m SraNo
Lever9D18882101Denon Ch Slide LeverNo
9D30070142Denon ChassisNo
9D30070159Denon Chassis BktNo
Lever9D18650228Denon Chp Lever CollarNo
2531173967Denon Ck14x1c392mNo
Screw9D19001204Denon Collar ScrewNo
9L3375431Denon Complete Cassette Mechanism (Nla)Ships in 6 days
Connector9D68020253Denon Connector(s11bphks)No
Cover,Cap9D30070162Denon Cover Plate A(s)No
Cover,Cap9D30070155Denon Cover Plate B(s)No
Cover,Cap9D30070117Denon Cover Plate SpringNo
Capacitor2610104006Denon Csb456f15No
Cushion9D30070265Denon Cushion RubberNo
2760052066Denon D,hz11c-3No
2760299971Denon D,hz3c-3(te)No
Triac, Diode or Resistor2760463914Denon D,hz6c-2No
2760302017Denon D,svc321sp-abcdNo
Disc9D30070149Denon Disc Base BktNo
Disc9D30070156Denon Disc Stopper(s)No
Lever9D30070257Denon E Control Lever(s)No
Control9D30070228Denon E Control PlateNo
Gear, Wheel9D30070232Denon E Gear G2 SpringNo
Gear, Wheel9D30070255Denon E Gear G2(s)aNo
Gear, Wheel9D30070256Denon E Gear G2(s)bNo
Gear, Wheel9D30070215Denon E Gear G3No
Gear, Wheel9D30070259Denon E Gear G4(s)No
Gear, Wheel9D30070217Denon E Gear G5No
Gear, Wheel9D30070218Denon E Gear G6No
Gear, Wheel9D30070220Denon E Gear G8No
Gear, Wheel9D30070221Denon E Gear G9No
Pump, Motor9D30070203Denon E Motor BktNo
Sensor, Thermistor, Thermostat9D30070266Denon E Sensor Bkt(s)No
Spring9D30070233Denon E Sensor SpringNo
Stopper9D18881302Denon E Stopper B(f)No
Stopper9D18801305Denon E Stopper CollarNo
Spring9D18881307Denon E Stopper Spring(r)No
Fuse, Thermal Fuse, Breaker9L2722418Denon F701Ships in 6 days
Spring9D30070748Denon Floating Spring(sa)No
Spring9D30070749Denon Floting Spring(sb)No
Antenna9L2757528Denon Fm AntennaShips in 6 days
Gear, WheelS262684601Denon Gear B(cd Mecha)#12-12No
Gear, WheelS264140402Denon Gear(a)No
Gear, Wheel9D18880508Denon Gear(ff)No
Gear, Wheel9D18882102Denon Gear(m)No
Gear, Wheel9D18880507Denon Gear(t)No
Guide9D30070157Denon Guide Stopper A(s)No
Guide9D30070153Denon Guide(s)l1No
Guide9D30070154Denon Guide(s)l2No
Guide9D30070150Denon Guide(s)r1No
Guide9D30070151Denon Guide(s)r2No
Guide9D30070148Denon Guide(s)r3No
Spring9D18880204Denon Head Panel SpringNo
Panel9D18880202Denon Head Panel(a)No
9D62020606Denon Head(yk56rba405)No
IC9L2368463WDenon I,ba335No
9L2363197Denon I,bu4066bcShips in 6 days
IC2630749001Denon I,ha12158ntNo
IC2620621003Denon I,hd14051bpNo
IC9D18885303Denon Ic ProtectorNo
9LCP00471Denon Ic601 An7177Ships in 6 days
9LCP00621Denon Ic904Ships in 6 days
9L2916281Denon Ic905 Ic906Ships in 6 days
Jack9LER00031Denon K590 Mic JackShips in 6 days
S884813711Denon Laser Pick-upNo
9L2480287Denon Lcd DisplayShips in 6 days
SwitchS157208511Denon Leaf SwitchNo
Gear, Wheel9D30071103Denon Loading Gear(b)No
Gear, Wheel9D30071104Denon Loading Gear(c)No
Gear, Wheel9D30071105Denon Loading Gear(d)No
Gear, Wheel9D30071106Denon Loading Gear(e)No
Spring9D30070144Denon Lock Lever SpringNo
Lever9D30070163Denon Lock Lever(s)No
9D18882103Denon M Trigger ArmNo
Pump, Motor9L2525411Denon M501 Dc MotorShips in 6 days
9D18201337Denon MatNo
Pump, MotorSX26257031Denon Motor(sled)assyNo
DC1O/MDenon Owner ManualNo
Spring9D18800403Denon P Arm(f)springNo
Spring9D18800404Denon P Arm(r)springNo
Base9D18885306Denon P BaseNo
9D18885304Denon P Base StudNo
Lever9D18882104Denon P Kick LeverNo
Spring9D18800102Denon Pack SpringNo
Panel9D18880216Denon Panel CollarNo
9LED00322Denon Pg905fShips in 6 days
Screw9480021312Denon Pgse10a2004 ScrewNo
Spring9D18802111Denon Pk Lever SpringNo
9D18802105Denon PlungerNo
Holder9D18802106Denon Plunger HolderNo
Transistor9L2315422RDenon Q,2sd1468s-rNo
Transistor2740036002Denon Q,2sd468-cNo
2690046906Denon Q,dta114esNo
Spring9D18800204Denon Rc SpringNo
Gear, Wheel9D18882110Denon Rf Cam GearNo
Spring9D19210707Denon Rf Cluth SpringNo
9D18880509Denon Rf Trigger ArmNo
ShaftS264144802Denon Shaft ClampNo
Plate9D18880212Denon Shield PlateNo
ShaftS491043101Denon Slide ShaftNo
Solenoid9D18882107Denon SolenoidNo
Spacer9D18650961Denon SpacerNo
Stopper9D30070165Denon StopperNo
9D69020301Denon T/t Chassis(motor)asNo
Spring9D18880513Denon Tg Arm(f)springNo
Spring9D18880514Denon Tg Arm(r)springNo
Spring9D18882109Denon Trigger Arm SpringNo
Tuner9L2428661Denon Tuner PackShips in 6 days
Knob, Dial, Button9LPC00392Denon Volume KnobShips in 6 days
Clamp9D18650249Denon Wire ClampNo
Clamp9D30070158Denon Wire ClumperNo
Gear, Wheel9D30070240Denon Worm Gear BktNo
Denon manufactures consumer electronics products including Multi-Room Sound Systems, Home Theater Systems, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems and Headphones. Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon Electronics (USA), LLC designs and manufactures home entertainment products. It offers audio/video (A/V) systems, including A/V receivers, incommand receivers, A/V separates, blu-ray players, streaming media, and multi-room systems; home theater systems; audio components, such as headphones, turntables, CD players, shelf systems, tuners, and amplifiers; accessories, including iPod docks, wireless music systems, cartridges, and tuner cards; and refurbished products. Denon sells its products through a network of dealers, local and national stores, and installers, as well as through its online stores.